Excerpts from the Nama-Ghosa: Namaskara

Namaskār means Salutation. In this section of the Nām Ghosā, Madhavadeva salutes Lord Krishna.

I bow down to Thee, Krishna! Lord!
As I am a sinner, no one calleth me his own.
Knowing Thee to be the Savior of the fallen,
I have sold myself to Thee.[191]

I salute the pair of Lotus-Feet of Hari
Which are the ocean of dirtless happiness.
I salute the Beginingless, Endless, Everlasting, Eternal One
Bhagavanta, the destroyer of fear.[192]

Attachment (moha), illusion (māyā), anger (rāga), arrogance (mada),
Impurity (mala), desire (kāma), malice (dvesa) and such other mentalities.
I bow at the Feet of that Guru* In whom these exist not.[193]

*Note: A Reference to Sankaradeva

O Lord of the Yadus, Gopāla, Govinda,
Yādava, Mādhava, Rāma! Glory be to Thee!
Thou art the treasure of Thy devotees, the life of all beings (jivas).
I bow down at Thy Feet.[194]

I bow down to Thee, O Ever-Joyous One (Nityānanda)!
Thou art the World-Cause (Jagata-Kārana), O Vāsudeva, Bhagavanta.
Thou art the Eternal (nitya), the Pure (suddha), the Enlightened (buddha).
Irresistible in fulfilling desires, Thou art, O Lord, the Infinite Person.[195]

O Rāma, spotlessly Pure (Niranjana),
God - the chastiser of the demons and gladdener of the devotees;
Only Thou art the Supreme Guru, O Nārāyana!
I bow at Thy Feet.[196]