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The Glory of the Guru (Spiritual Preceptor) Bestowing the Knowledge of Devotion to Krishna This site is an attempt to introduce to the world the multi-dimensional personality of Mahāpuruṣa Śrīmanta Śaṅkaradeva (shaN^karadeva), one of the leading lights of the Neo-Vaiṣṇavite Movement.

Sankaradeva-artist's impressionThe patron saint of Assam, India, Sankaradeva was a versatile genius under whose warmth of mind Assamese culture and society blossomed like a lotus with a thousand petals (sahasradala kamala).

Sankaradeva was an erudite scholar, a prolific writer, a versatile saint-poet of unlimited merit, a lyricist of universal acceptance, a musician of high calibre, a pioneer in the field of Assamese prose, drama and dramatic performances, a painter and above all the greatest religious teacher-preacher-leader of the medieval Vaisnava movement in Assam which is rightly known as the Sankaradeva Movement.

Krishna, the Supreme RealitySankaradeva propagated a form of Vaisnavism known as Eka-Śaraṇa Hari-Nāma Dharma, popularly referred to as Mahāpuruṣism, which considers Lord Krishna (Kṛṣṇa) to be the One, Eternal and Absolute and stresses upon unqualified devotion to Him. He spread the liberal and humanistic doctrine of bhakti for the very first time in Assam. The religious system of Sankaradeva is strictly monotheistic and the worship of deities other than Krishna is strictly prohibited. Eka-Sarana, in Sankaradeva’s Mahapurusism, means taking absolute shelter or refuge in One God, Krishna. It is as said in the Bhagavad Gita:
sarvadharmān parityajya māmekam śaraṇam vraja More→

Sankaradeva was a saint of the highest order who made a passionate protest against the atheism and dualistic theology as well as the ritual-burdened form of worship to replace them with the simple religion of Love and Devotion. For the needful, he accepted literature as the vehicle of communication to the masses. Thus, a literary movement along with the Bhakti Movement took automation and thus he became a tremendous trend-setter in every walk of life. 

Sankaradeva’s humanism has an universal appeal. And the purpose of this website is also to provide an insightful glimpse of this humanism. It is hoped that viewers find this site both academically useful and spiritually elevating.

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