About This Site

JAYA GURU SANKARA! ATributeToSankaradeva.org completes five years on June 19, 2013. Thanks to you all! On this occasion, the site is re-designed. ATribute-iPhone A Feedback page is here.

Sources Utilized

A partial list of resources utilized in making this site is given below.

New Light on History of Assamese Literature Dimbeswar Neog
The Neo Vaisnavite Movement and the Satra Institution of Assam SN Sarma
The Contribution of the Sankaradeva Movement to the Culture and Civilization of India Maheswar Neog
Mahapurush Shri Madhavadeva's Nam-Ghosha (with Hindi and English translation) with foreword by Dr S Radhakrishnan, Vice President of India Haramohan Das (ed)
Poetry, Religion and Culture: The Indian Perspective and Sankaradeva Amaresh Datta
Early History of the Neo Vaishnavite Faith and Movement in Assam: Sankaradeva and His Times Maheswar Neog
The Divine Scrolls Gagon Hazarika
The Sankaradeva Movement-Its Cultural Horizons Pradip Jyoti Mahanta
Sattriya: The Redefining of a Tradition Arshiya Sethi

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