Articles on the Sankaradeva Movement

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  1. Sankardev: A Very Short Introduction [Editor,]
  2. An Attempt at Introducing Mahapurush Sankaradeva and the Bhakti Renaissance in Assam in Light of the Phenomenology of Religious Experience [Archana Barua]
  3. Why Should We Follow Jagat Guru Srimanta Sankaradeva? [Sri Sonaram Sarma, Burabhakat (Senior Monk), Shri Shri Kamalabari Sattra, Titabor] - We regard [all] the gurus of the world as representatives of God. Despite this why is it that we get exceptionally attracted towards Guru Sankaradeva and try to get the world attracted towards him?
  4. বৈষ্ণৱ ধৰ্ম্মৰ আদি পাঠ চিহ্ন যাত্ৰা [অনুপমা কাকতী]
  5. Sarana and Bhajana: From Scientific Perspective [Joyraj Kalita]
  6. The Four Pillars of Shankarite Philosophy [Deepak Bhuyan]
  7. Mahapurush Sankardev—The Light of Our Nation [Dr. Dinesh Chandra Kakati]
  8. মহাপুৰুষ মাধৱ গুৰুজনাৰ পৱিত্ৰ জন্মস্থান, হৰিশিঙা বৰা উজীৰৰ টোল, ৰঙাজান [পঙ্কজ  বৰা]
  9. Gopaldeb Ata’s Thān at Bhawanipur (Will it be Lost in Oblivion?) [NatarajDas] - “By then someone among the children shouted, ‘Shibu has come!’ Our attention got distracted from the conversation and eyes roved around. [...] We were astounded to see him but the very next moment our hearts filled with joy and smiles of happiness rolled over”.
  10. ‘Srimanta Sankardev’, oil on canvas [Dr Sarmila Kakoti] - An excellent visualization by Dr Sarmila Kakoti.
  11. ‘Sankaradeva and Brahmaputra’, oil on canvas [Mabegum Pasa] - It is said that the Brahmaputra became his devotee after this incident.
  12. Sankaradeva’s Eka-Sarana Doctrine [Bina Gupta] - The Fundamental Teaching of Sankaradeva.
  13. The Eka-Sarana Path of Sankaradeva [Arunava Gupta]
  14. The Spiritual Path of Madhavadeva [Arunava Gupta]
  15. Kushal Konwar: The Only Martyr to be Hanged in 1942 [Jolly Saikia Gogoi] - A tribute to KushalKonwar.
  16. Unique Features of Srimanta Sankaradeva’s Religious Philosophy: ‘Vivartanavāda’ [Dr Sanjib Kumar Borkakoti] - A major characteristic of Srimanta Sankaradeva’s philosophy is that it preaches equality of the Nirguna Brahma and Saguna Iswara.
  17. Socio-Economic Role of the Thāns and the Sattras [Dr Sanjib Kumar Borkakoti]
  18. Knowledge Management System of Srimanta Sankardeva and His Research Methods [Dr. Hari Charan Das] - Srimanta Sankardeva was not a professional researcher or teacher. But he sacrificed his life in toto for searching knowledge and teaching people. Ultimately he was a great research scholar. The purity and sacredness of his knowledge and his high ambition to uplift the society by using quality knowledge not only enriched the society spiritually, but also developed it culturally and socio economically.
  19. Srimanta Sankaradeva as a Feminist [Dr Sanjib Kumar Borkakoti]
  20. Socio-cultural Orientation of Vaishnavite Studies in 20th century Assam [Dhurjjati Sarma] - How three of Assam’s tallest icons of the preceding century found in Sankaradeva the answer to all their ideological queries.
  21. Echo of the Philosophy and Thoughts of Sankaradeva in the Jikirs of Ajan Peer [Ismail Hossain]
  22. A Spiritual Journey [Janice Darbari] - A Assam! This article by a noted journalist-author appeared in the Indian Express newspaper.
  23. Srimanta Sankaradeva Sangha over the Years [Bina Gupta] - A brief history of the SrimantaSankaradevaSangha.
  24. Madhavadeva: Reformer Non-pareil [Bina Gupta] - How the magnificent Madhavadeva made the Neo-Vaisnavite Movement “robust and manly enough” to meet the challenge of any formidable protagonist.
  25. Some Key Concepts in Sankaradeva’s Vaishnavism [ArchanaBarua] - An attempt at philosophically approaching the teachings of Sankaradeva.
  26. The Concept of Maya in Sankaradeva’s Philosophy [ParulChoudhury]
  27. Madhavadeva’s Nama Ghosa : Essence of Vedanta Philosophy [BinaGupta] - How the Nāma Ghosā of Madhavadeva is the ‘distilled essence’ of the Vedanta.
  28. Crossing the Border: Inter-Religious Dialogue in Mediaeval Assam [ArchanaBarua] - An outstanding article that demonstrates excellently how both the Bhakti and the Sufi religious reformer restored the human face of religion by harnessing fully the immense potential of the written text and opened up new possibilities for creative interpretation of it.
  29. Mahapurush Sankaradeva and the Cultural Renaissance in the Vaishnavite Assam [ArchanaBarua]
  30. Some Distinctive Features of The Ankiā Nāt [ArchanaBarua]
  31. Status of Sattriyā Culture: A Comparative Study of the Medieval and Modern Ages [SnigdhajyotiSanat] - A brief though immensely lucid and informative account of the progress of the Sattriyā dance-form through the ages, penned by young Snigdhajyoti.
  32. The Greatness of Sankaradeva [Bina Gupta]
  33. 'Ram-Krishna-Hurry' [Bina Gupta] - Sankaradeva's Neo-Vaisnavite Movement in the Eyes of the Westerners.
  34. Sankardeva and Neo-Vaishnavism in Assam [Abhijit Bhuyan] - How the unique Sankaradeva Movement led to the formation of an inclusivist Assamese society.
  35. Writing Life, Reading Culture : Bezbaroa on Sankaradeva [Bibhash Choudhury] - How Lakshminath Bezbaroa situated the genius of Sankaradeva in the modern context by re-telling his life from a pan-Indian perspective.
  36. The Rebirth of a Satra [Hari Prasad Chaliha] - An insider's account of how the Herculean task of shifting of the historic Kamalabari Satra in 1975 took place amidst amazing administrative efficiency and great humanitarian zeal of devotee and officer alike.
  37. The Spiritual contribution of Sankardeva [Dr Manamohan Das]
  38. Role of Satras in Preservation of Assamese Culture [Mahmood Hassan] - How the cultural renaissance ushered in by the Sankaradeva Movement laid the very foundation of the Asomiyā socio-cultural ethos. Also, the lessons the young generation could imbibe from it.
  39. Casting A Spell [Maleeha Raghaviah] - An article that appeared in the Hindu a few years back and also on Vaisnava News Network (VNN).
  40. Guru Nanak and Srimanta Sankar Dev : A Comparative Study [Col Dr. Dalvinder Singh Grewal] - A comparative study of the tenets and teachings and the unity of purpose of two great Saints.
  41. Lengths of Precious Fabric [D N Bezbaruah] - An eminent columnist expresses amusement over the talk of bringing the Vrindavani Vastra back home to Assam.
  42. Lord Krishna’s Teachings and Sankaradeva [Bina Gupta] - An excellent article that clearly demonstrates that Sankaradeva never budged an inch from the original teachings of Lord Krishna.
  43. Sankardeva : The Saviour of Hinduism [Prakash Chetry] - This sublime article from the pen of a citizen journalist summarizes within the span of a single page the essential philosophy of Eka-Sarana.
  44. Digital Preservation of Rare Manuscripts in Assam [Nirmal Ranjan Mazumdar] - A paper dealing inter alia with the progress of digitization of the rare manuscripts of Assam.
  45. Muslim Satras [Satyakam Phukan]
  46. Sankaradeva’s Contribution Towards Uplift of Women [Bina Gupta]
  47. My Visit to Madhupur [Ankuran Kakoti]
  48. The Sarvagunakara as a Martial Artist [Ankuran Kakoti] - “Now, it may seem one sided, comparing Sankardeva to the likes of Masutatsu Oyama and Bruce Lee. But if my description of Sarvagunakar is correct Sankardeva has to be perfect even in martial arts.”
  49. Use of Mask in Sankarian Theater and Present Scenario [Deepak Bhuyan]
  50. Medieval Indian Aerobics and Sankardeva [Deepak Bhuyan]
  51. Semi-dramatic Asset of Folk Culture and its Uses in Shankarian Theater [Deepak Bhuyan]
  52. Conceptual Disintegration of Words used in Denotation of Shankarian Theater [Deepak Bhuyan]
  53. Shankarian Theater and Krishna Culture [Deepak Bhuyan]
  54. Dr. Maheswar Neogar Kirtistambha: Sankaradeva and His Times [As.] [Bhaba Prasad Chaliha] - An article from ‘Manikanchan’, monthly paper of the Srimanta Sankaradeva Sangha (July, 2011 issue), which touches upon the genesis of Dr. Maheswar Neog’s Sankaradeva and His Times which is “undoubtedly one of the great books which have come out from Assam”.
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